Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Four-time World Longtrack champ Joonas Kylmakorpi hopes to help good friend Freddie Lindgren find the approach needed to win the SGP title.

From Fredrik Lindgren, a knee injury!

World Championship leader Fredrik Lindgren twisted the knee during a league match in England yesterday and missed the evening's elitseriematch for Dackarna against the Crowds. But he is hopeful for the weekend. – I am aiming to run this weekend's race, greets the world CUP-one to SVT Sport.

Video - Russian Team championship juniors 2017 - The first stage.

Rosters for Landshut revealed.

We’re one week away (May 25) from the secondo round of Speedway Best Pairs. In German Landshut, seven sponsor teams will face each other and they have just revealed their rosters.

Interview – Niclas Svensson.

Niclas Svensson in action in Berlin          Foto: David Reygondeau

At the end of another crowded Ice Speedway season we caught up with a few of the riders before they returned home to a more normal life and asked them for their thoughts on the 2017 Championship, the highs and lows and the new venues at Shadrinsk and Heerenveen. 
Fourth and final part: Swedish hopeful Niclas Svensson.