Monday, March 27, 2017

The Final Scene in Heerenveen!

Twelve months ago the curtain fell on the iconic de Bonte Wever stadium in Assen the spiritual home of Ice Speedway in the Netherlands and for the past 45 years a mecca for fans from Holland, Germany, Great Britain and Scandinavia.

Greg Hancock - walk around Toruń

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Valery Ivanov: "We are without a motorcycle, like Churchill without a cigar"

Author: Alexander NIKOLAEV
Photo: Alexander CHERNYKH

Our present interlocutor is the youngest of the trinity of the famous Krasnoyarsk brothers-motorcycle racers Ivanov Valery. Master of sports of international class, champion of the USSR in personal and twice in the team classification, twice became world champion in the national team of the Union. What do you think the most interesting question was in this conversation? Of course, it is this one: where did the champion's fate of the famous Krasnoyarsk rider begin?
- Valery Leonidovich, an example for imitation, probably, were older brothers?
- Probably not even so much as the brothers, as the very place where we grew up: Pokrovka, the chapel of Paraskeva Friday. On the mountainside, where the chapel stands, motocrosses have been held for a long time. And for us, local boys, there was no more attractive place. The competitions ended, and the track became ours. Quite still, two-year-old, five-six-year-olds, we chased it first at the looms, and when we grew up, we changed seats on mopeds and motorcycles, and everything began seriously.